Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Top Anti Aging Creams - 6 Reasons Botox Is Better

Most people don't got any idea as to how "efficient" botox treatments are when they're compared with the best anti aging creams. Not only are botox injections LESS effective than continually using anti aging cream, they aren't even permanent! Rather than spending an INSANE amount of money on a single "shot" and being finished with the treatment, you're really going to need to shell out that insane volume again and again, and AGAIN!

Is there anything else that proves anti wrinkle cream is superior to botox treatment? Unfortunately for botox pushers, yes! The checklist of "disadvantages" for botox injections is as lengthy as it is infuriating, and here's a brief part of that list for you to check out. If these 6 negative facets of botox treatment do not persuade you that it's a Bad solution -- and that the best anti aging creams are a better choice -- then nothing will!

- One of the biggest downsides of this treatment method is the teensy-weensy fact that you are literally being injected with a toxin. This isn't a "metaphor" or a "extreme comparison" -- it's fact. Botulinum is what you really are being injected with. What exactly is botulinum, you ask? Well, it just happens to be one of the worlds most dangerous bacterial neurotoxins, that's all.

- A common "negative effect" of botox treatments happens to be not less but in reality MORE lines and wrinkles near the injection site.

- The aspect that the majority of folks care about when it comes to anti aging treatment is COST, which is surely not on the "positive" list for botox. Injections cost $700 to $900 a pop on average and they must be continued every 4 to 6 months to maintain the (and I use this phrase loosely) "youthful" appearance. That is anywhere from $1200 to $2700 a year or more!

- Unlike the top anti wrinkle creams, botox addresses ONE and ONLY ONE factor of facial "restoration"; motion wrinkles. The injection are not going to assist with discoloration, age spots, crowsfeet, finelines, eye bags, sun damage, or any of the other aging signs. So even after the injection, you'll still end up being left with plenty of work to do.

- Unlike the majority anti aging creams, which can be used on any facial area, botox can only be utilized on extremely restricted regions of your face. Only a minuscule 5% of our faces is treatable with botox.

- If botox injections are performed often to areas of the face, damage could occur to both the skin and the nerves.

So, are these 6 truths good enough to convince you that botox really isn't the best choice for face restoration? For your sake, I hope so. If it isn't enough to sway you, then maybe you should do some research on the best anti wrinkle cream available. If the facts about anti aging wrinkle cream can't change your mind, nothing will!

Instant Anti Aging Skin Cream - Hype or Legit?

Among the many different perks of growing older, finelines and wrinkles are most certainly not among them. In fact, most people positively despise the undeniable fact that their face is little by little becoming consumed by unsightly wrinkles. Unfortunately though, there isn't a great deal of techniques to eliminate wrinkles effectively; without the need of emptying your bank account that is. Then again, there happens to be one particular treatment method which is earning quite a bit of recognition; which happens to be the daily use of an instant anti aging skin creme.

As with numerous other wrinkle affected women, you have likely found out about instant wrinkle lotions yet never gave them any real thought. You likely didn't wish to throw away your hard earned dollars on cosmetic beauty products which promised everything, yet delivered absolutely nothing -- and what person could blame you? In all honesty, many of the wrinkle removing lotions which are out there do nothing to lessen signs of aging. As a matter of fact, they're really just high-priced moisturizers which make your skin appear shiny & smooth whilst offering no real long-term solution.

"With an ocean of ineffective anti-aging products, a sea of shattered promises, along with a tidal wave of hyped-up claims, just how in the world is anyone expected to find high quality wrinkle removal lotions to use?"

This is precisely the question and perspective that is keeping so many wrinkle stricken folks from achieving their objective -- which would be to quickly & cheaply remove finelines & wrinkles. People have been burned by rubbish lotions and lotions for so long that they're scared to use anything new. There are many individuals who have spent not just hundreds, but THOUSANDS of dollars on wrinkle lotion beauty products. Their reward? ZILCH! Honestly, enough is enough!

If you're one of the anti aging cream grudge holders, you need to forget about the past and simply go forward to a wrinkle-free future. Sure, you've been ripped off in the past by wallet-hungry beauty companies, but that should not push you to give up on your dream of possessing wrinkle free skin. If anything at all, rather than forfeiting, your numerous attempts to locate a trustworthy instant anti aging lotion should have spurred you on even more! After all, there's got to be at least ONE skin cream that works, right? Admittedly, your search will not be fast & hassle-free, but with the amount of anti aging skin creme reviews & recommendations which are on the web these days, it won't be nearly as challenging as it was in the past!